There are a number of variations on the theme of the dragon disappearing into smoke. The original image was drawn for a friends 40th birthday present and then became one of the first things I animated. The original animation is the one you get when you click the picture. At 313 k I now regard it as too large to be useful :) but you can view it if you wish. It is also a shockwave movie on my home pages at mimir.

At the moment I am working on versions that are smaller so far there are the following:-

Green dragon disappears in smoke and then fades back in 93k 173x21 pixels
Smaller green dragon disappears then reappears in smoke 42k 130x160 pixels
Green dragon disappears in smoke and words smoking kills appear (I am desperately trying to give up smoking with absolutely no luck) 90 k 173x211 pixels

Coming shortly will be red dragons and other colours with hopefully smaller file sizes! and transparent backgrounds.

still from smoking dragon
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