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popping meerkats

The above animation is 200x100, and is 12k.

Popping Meerkats
large 400x200, 34k
On Guard Meerkat
large 147x350, 28k
On Guard Meerkat
small 74x175, 10k
Sit/stand Meerkat
large 47x321, 62k
Sit/stand Meerkat
small 74x161, 21k
Smoking Meerkat
large 126x300, 33k
Smoking Meerkat
small 63x150, 14k

The meerkats should soon be available in other colours. Also (coming soon) you will be able to order customized gifs in any colour, transparent for different backgrounds, and with words added just to make your page that little bit more special.

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