Flying dragons

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Years ago, back in the mists of html time, in 1996, I had a static flying dragon page, which used very basic html and is part of my old defunct website from the 90's. Most of the links from that site don't work and is mainly there because I can't be bothered or remember the password to get in and change/wipe it all out. No doubt one day it will disappear.

Now I have decided to resurrect the idea but with some flying dragons and using flash and css. At the moment dragons are basically from the same design, this helps keep the files small but I will be adding more drawings soon. You are welcome to use any of these flash animations on your pages. I use swofobject to insert flash on my pages but most good html editors will help you. Please do not link directly to images on the site but place them on your own. Of course for a small fee, I can do the coding for you and make any changes you want to the animations.

If you would like to use gif animations you can find them here and there will be other flash dragons coming soon!

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