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Latest changes.. added new digital paintings and oil paintings to Fine Art section and updated blog and about me. May 2009.

The wizard and dragon above was made for Joseph Swope's new book Need for Magic. You can find out more about his new book here.

You can buy many of my dragons on tshirts, mugs and sundry items from my Zazzle store linked via the flash panel on the left or if you click the store in the main menu you can buy them from Cafepress.

If you get time do please also visit the African charities linked below. I met the guy who founded the Cornel Ngaleku Children's Centre on a plane in Tanzania and it is a wonderful charity.

Please if you have time, visit this site to see the good work being done in Tanzania by Michael Shirma. There are thousands of orphans in Tanzania who all need our help.

Cornel Ngaleku Chidrens Centre

This is another link of an African Charity a friend recently brought to my attention. Taken from their website "HEAL Africa is distinctive from many charities: it's a small, grass-roots organization that has low administrative overheads because it is led by locally-based program directors". Please visit these sites and support them in anyway you can.

Heal Africa Logo

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